Nokia already resells Withings to Withings co-founder

By buying Withings, Nokia seemed ready to embark on a new connected health strategy. Finn now sells the French company to Éric Carrell, who is none other than his co-founder.

In June 2017, Nokia definitely put its name on Withings products , almost a year after the takeover of the French company . However, in recent months, the Finnish company seems to be in doubt  : last February, Nokia said it was ready to adjust the strategy of its digital health division.

Nokia's uncertainties weighed in during the negotiations that Eric Carrell, the co-founder of Withings, has just conducted with the multinational. An agreement signed between the two parties has formalized the acquisition Withings … by Withings himself.

Nokia Health


This round trip seems mainly related to changes internally at Nokia. As pointed out by our colleagues at Le Figaro , Ramzy Haidamus, to whom Nokia owes the acquisition of Withings, left the Finnish company shortly thereafter.

Nokia has therefore spent less time on the subject of connected objects, to explore more of other avenues such as the dismissal of its brand. HMD takes care of the Nokia brand in the smartphone sector .

The company finally chose not to opt for a strategic review of connected health, which could have taken a more professional direction – some players already dream of being leaders in the sector .