Nokia definitely puts its name on the excellent Withings products

Nokia has just launched the large-scale marketing of Withings products. Even if it has not changed, we must now name the Nokia Health range.

We receive a lot of press releases every day. Some contain objects that we never wanted to see, others contain wonders. But they all have one thing in common: they present novelties. And yet, this morning, when we discovered  Nokia's new health range  , we were faced with a sense of déjà vu. Experience:

Yes, you too have already seen these products. And this is normal: it is the rather successful connected objects of the French Withings , bought by Nokia which has included the brand's products in its range "connected health". Therefore, we find both the connected thermometer and watches or scales of the French manufacturer, with a new logo.

Withings Advertisement

Nokia does not hide this link, as the name of the manufacturer is still present on the official page of the site, named . The objects have not been renamed: the watch is now named, in its full name, Nokia Steel ( 310 € in cardio version ), the range of scales is called Body (Body, Body +, Body Cardio, from 59 € ). The thermometer ( 99 € ), particularly nice, also keeps its name.

All these products have the good taste to be well finished and particularly pleasant to use. We have rubbed shoulders with most of them under the Withings banner and this has always been a pleasant surprise: we are talking about effective, well thought out objects that respond to the problem they are trying to unravel. entangle in dozens of unnecessary gadget features. We bet that with the presence of Withings in France, already well established in supermarkets, Nokia will find a place on the shelves.